CAMERON Eadie is among the candidates vying to become Rutherglen & Hamilton West’s next MP.

The Scottish Greens candidate has said he is representing a “new political generation” and the 20-year-old told The National he is “keen for action on the climate”.

He’s one of 14 candidates in the by-election which is expected to be a tight race between the SNP and Labour.

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Here's all you need to know. 

Who is Cameron Eadie?

Eadie was born in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire and grew up in East Kilbride and Hamilton before studying an MA in Social and Public Policy at the University of Glasgow.

He was an intern with the John Smith Centre working with now First Minister Humza Yousaf (below) as he looked to focus on his specialist interest in health policy.

As well as this, he has worked as a support worker for mental health charity the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

The National: Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf will speak at the event in Edinburgh (Jane Barlow/PA)

He joined the Scottish Greens in South Lanarkshire following the 2021 elections.

What has he said on the campaign trail?

Eadie has said his campaign will focus on a number of things including tackling the climate crisis, Scotland’s return to the European Union and eradicating child poverty.

Speaking to The National, he said: “It’s my future I’m standing up for. I want to be able to turn around to my children and say, look, I did my best, I did try, and I think that resonates with voters.”

He has also spoken about his age and said that Parliament should ultimately reflect the people which it represents.

“As 20-year-olds, we work and pay tax. We vote, we can join the army. We can get married, we can have kids. We deserve to be represented”, he said.

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“You know I challenge you to find me a young person in Scotland that couldn’t do as good a job as the likes of Liz Truss. The bar isn’t high.”

Thoughts on Rosebank

Eadie’s interview with The National came just hours after it was revealed the UK Government had approved the Rosebank oil field.

“They’ve effectively signed a death warrant for thousands of people across the globe who are already experiencing the worst effects of climate change.

“We see that coming closer and closer to home. It’s on our doorstep now and the UK Government, they really don’t care.

“Oil and gas workers really need the just transition into renewables.”

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He added that climate is the “single most important issue for people” his age and for “the next generation to come”.

Focus on LGBT+ education

Although he has spoken extensively about climate, Eadie also said education for LGBT+ people.

“Young LGBT+ people seeing themselves reflected in their education can be the difference between whether they develop, as I did, mental illness just for being who I was”, he explained.

“It can be transformative and often lifesaving, just being acknowledged and recognised and validated by something as basic as your education.”

He added that he was “disappointed and angry” that Labour have not embedded LGBT+ inclusive education in South Lanarkshire, saying: “It seems to have been quietly dropped and they think we’re all stitched up at the back and haven’t noticed.”