A MOTION of no confidence in North Lanarkshire’s council leader has been submitted following a U-turn on controversial plans to close libraries, leisure centres and other sports and culture facilities.

The SNP’s group leader accused council leader Jim Logue of failing to engage with the public or fellow elected members – including from his own party – and forcing through a “tight vote” despite opposition to the decision.

SNP group leader Tracy Carragher said: “Councillor Logue’s time is up. He has lost all credibility and authority to lead.

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“While we welcome his change of heart, forcing through these decisions at the policy and strategy committee, where only the most loyal Labour and Tory councillors to him personally sit amongst their number, rather than at full council where a decision of this scale should be taken, shows once and for all that he has no regard whatsoever for the democratic will of the council body, or the people it is elected to represent.”

On Tuesday, Logue announced the decision to close 39 libraries, leisure centres, pools and other sports and culture facilities was being rescinded. 

He said the “important facilities” would be protected for the duration of the council term and blamed the Scottish Government for the cuts and for under-funding councils.

The announcement came just shortly after Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar made it “very clear” he disapproved of plans for cuts to sport and leisure facilities in North Lanarkshire Council.

He told reporters he wanted local services protected "where possible".

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"I can understand the frustration and anger people have about what they heard…I made those views really clear," he said. 

Carragher added: “[Logue] has lost the support of at least half of his group and it is our opinion that he no longer commands the confidence either of North Lanarkshire Council or the people of North Lanarkshire, it is time for him to go.

“It will be for Labour members to decide whether to truly stand up for their constituents and support this motion to remove an individual who has repeatedly shown contempt for democracy within the council chamber.”

The motion has been submitted for inclusion at the council meeting of Thursday 5 October.