A TORY MP was laughed at live on the BBC after he attempted to defend GB News amid outcry over the behaviour of Laurence Fox, one of its hosts.

Former Telegraph journalist Matt Warman MP insisted the channel had a "diverse roster" of guests and hosts: "Everyone from Michael Portillo to Lee Anderson."

But laughter greeted his statement as it was pointed out that both of those men are from the Tory Party.

Warman made the comments whilst appearing on Politics Live on Wednesday morning where a discussion focused on the formal suspension of Fox following comments he made about journalist Ava Evans.

Asked if Ofcom should take more serious action against the channel following numerous broadcast breaches and outstanding allegations, Warman defended the broadcaster.

The Tory MP said: “I think GB News has a diverse roster, everyone from Michael Portillo to Lee Anderson, to a whole host of other people are on there, just as the BBC has."

Others on the panel including Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh interrupted the minister to note, “that’s all one party”, with Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley adding “all centre-right” as presenter Jo Coburn laughed.

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Coburn further asked if the appearances breached impartiality to which the MP double-downed and replied: “That impartiality is up to Ofcom to judge."

The suspension will take immediate effect and comes after Ofcom confirmed it had received a “number of complaints” about the remarks.

GB News also confirmed it would be apologising to Evans, who works as the political correspondent for Joe.