A SECOND journalist has shared targeted comments made by a GB News presenter like she was "some sort of dating prospect".

It comes as the channel confirmed it has “formally suspended” Laurence Fox due to comments he made about journalist Ava Evans while host Dan Wootton has apologised for an “unfortunate lapse in judgement” with regard to his reaction.

Rosanna Lockwood took to social media to share comments made by Nick Dixon directed at her on his podcast The Weekly Skeptic in August.

In the 18 second clip, Dixon said: “I’ll call out bullying, misinformation, hypocrisy wherever I see it – it’s like, why not start with yourself? You seem to have an absolute lack of self-reflection, and in conclusion Toby, she reminded me of the narcissistic quite attractive women that I’m so drawn to, so I find myself slightly fancying her, while hating her.”

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Lockwood shared the clip and wrote: "Not close to what @AvaSantina endured last night, but I was recently made aware of this podcast segment in which @GBNEWS presenter @nickdixoncomic describes me as: The type of narcissistic woman he’s drawn to, ‘so I find myself slightly fancying her, while hating her.’ #misogyny”.

She added: “Critique me and my work all you like - that’s part of the deal. But don’t appraise me like I’m some sort of dating prospect, just because I’m a woman. Stop embarrassing yourself. Imagine any other industry in which people would broadcast comments about their peers like this."

Labour MP Jess Philips MP reacted to the Twitter/X post: “When they show you who they are believe them. What is it about capable women that terrifies them so much? They wish women were just vessels for men's desires and the fact that they aren't and are cleverer, funnier and more powerful than them terrifies the bejeezus out of them”.

GB News confirmed on Wednesday it had “formally suspended” Fox following comments he made about Evans.

The National:

During Tuesday night’s discussion on GB News the strapline on the screen read: “Smirking Face of Disdain”, with the text under it saying: “Hard-left commentator slammed for shrugging off male suicide crisis.”

Fox said: “We’re past the watershed so I can say this: show me a single self-respecting man that would like to climb into bed with that woman, ever, ever, who wasn’t an Incel?”

He said she had been “spoon-fed oppression” and later added: “Who would want to shag that?”

Wootton sat smirking although later said that Evans was a “very beautiful woman” and that Evans had apologised for comments she had made during an appearance on BBC’s Politics Live.