A DOG had to be rescued by an animal welfare charity after it was found tethered to a tree and seemingly abandoned in Angus.

Residents raised the alarm after finding a cocker spaniel hiding underneath a damp trampoline at Edzell Muir park.

A video was then shared on a community Facebook page, saying: “The small brown spaniel dog was discovered tethered by a chain in distressing circumstances in heavy rain, without food, under some abandoned debris at Edzell earlier this week.

“Villagers spotted the dog but were unable to find who might own it.

“They provided food as it was hungry, alerted police, who were unable to help, and alerted Angus Council (which is) responsible for the land but it was out of office hours and the council offices were shut.

“The villages then called the SSPCA which is understood to have taken the dog into care.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “A local resident contacted ourselves and the SSPCA with concerns for the welfare of a cocker spaniel dog tethered to a tree and apparently abandoned at Edzell Muir.

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“Our dog warden also contacted local SSPCA, who have responsibility for abandoned dogs, and an SSPCA inspector attended to collect the dog.”

The SSPCA said it was unable to comment as it is an ongoing matter.