VOTERS in blue wall areas across the UK ‘overwhelmingly’ support climate and nature policies, a survey has found.

Of 20,000 people nationwide polled on behalf of Greenpeace, 70% said environmental issues would affect how they voted at the next election.

Responding to the survey, legendary Scottish actor Peter Capaldi has called on politicians to be “bold and brave” when facing the climate crisis.

Across the south and south-east of England in blue wall seats – defined as having voted Conservative in 2019, remain in 2016 and with at least a quarter of the population as graduates – support for government intervention was slightly stronger than the national average.

Of those blue wall respondents who expressed an opinion, 85% said they wanted the government to provide more financial support for insulating homes, with 73% wanting more government funding for heat pumps.

More than 79% believe the government should invest more in renewable power and subsidised rail travel to make it cheaper than driving.

And 80% of blue wall respondents said they supported a wealth tax on the richest 1% of people to fund climate change action, with 87% supporting a loophole-free windfall tax on oil and gas profits.

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The results were similar to marginal seats that the Conservatives will be fighting to win come the next general election.

This comes as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced U-turns on several green policies which Scottish ministers claim would hinder the Scottish Government’s climate action plan.

Greenpeace have launched a campaign in response urging people to become “climate voters” at the next general election.

The non-governmental organisation (NGO) is calling on voters to choose candidates who are committed to reducing the UK’s emissions in line with scientific advice and improving nature.

Capaldi, who supports the campaign, called on political leaders to deliver “a safer, healthier future for all”.

He said: “It can feel overwhelming when you look at all the crises we are facing, like the cost of living, extreme weather, and pollution choking our rivers and seas.

“But none of this is inevitable and, although we’re clearly already suffering the effects of extreme weather, there’s still time to change direction.

“I stand with people all over the country who are demanding climate action for our NHS, our economy and our planet.

“A safer, healthier future for all is within our grasp if politicians can be bold and brave enough to deliver it.

“It’s up to us to demand that our political leaders listen, and deliver on what the country and our children deserve.”

Other celebrities who have expressed support from the campaign include Stephen Fry, Olivia Colman, Mel B, Joe Lycett and Will Poulter, who have signed an open letter alongside 100,000 other people demanding politicians take stronger action on climate.

The survey was conducted by Survation on behalf of Greenpeace.