POLICE have issued a statement as the queue to visit Scotland's first Popeyes restaurant has caused congestion.

The chicken chain restaurant opened its doors in Barrhead on Monday, with reports of people queuing outside for up to 18 hours for its official opening.

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Users on Twitter, formerly known as X, have expressed excitement at the new restaurant opening.

Barrhead News spoke to one man who camped outside the restaurant so that he would be the first customer and win free chicken sandwiches for a year.

Police are attending the scene as congestion has built up at the nearby roundabout.

Police Scotland East Renfrewshire released a statement on X, even using a pun to explain their work to address the issue.

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"We are aware of the congestion caused by the new Popeyes chicken restaurant in Barrhead.

"We are working with the establishment to address the issue.

"Please be courteous to all road users and follow the pecking order."