PATRICK Grady will not stand for the SNP come the next General Election, according to a leaked internal document showing the party’s approved candidates.

The Glasgow North MP was reinstated as an SNP MP in December following a six-month suspension from the party, after the Commons’ sleaze watchdog found him to have made unwanted sexual advances on a member of his staff.

He was suspended from the Commons for two days after the probe, which rocked the SNP after a recording of the Westminster group encouraging MPs to support Grady was leaked to the press.

Ian Blackford was ousted as the party’s leader in Westminster six months after the recording was made public.

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Grady, an MP since 2015 and a former chief whip, was found by Parliament’s Independent Expert Panel to have made unwanted sexual advances towards a member of his staff, during an SNP social event in a pub in London in October 2016.

He was described as having stroked the man’s hair, neck and back. The subject of the advances was 19 at the time of the incident while Grady was 36.

Grady has since apologised and has said he stopped his advances on the man when it became apparent they were unwanted. 

It was reported in May that Grady planned to contest the Glasgow North seat for the SNP.

The Scottish Sun reported that Stephen Flynn had been told of the MP’s intentions though noted he may fail to pass vetting procedures.

This summer, Grady was rumoured not to be standing, with a source telling The Times he was ineligible to go through the vetting process. 

It is understood the MP did not put himself forward for vetting and he informed his local branch via an email sent on August 30 he had "informed party officials of my decision not to seek selection as an SNP candidate at the next UK General Election". 

His email, seen by The National, made no mention of the sexual misconduct complaint made against him. 

Of the current SNP MPs, eight have so far announced they will not contest the election.

Including Grady, the figure rises to nine SNP MPs who are not standing for re-election, including big names such as Blackford and Mhairi Black

All others are included on the leaked list with the exception of Grady.

According to the vetting document, Patricia Gibson, the MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, passed her investigation by party officials. 

She was the subject of another sexual misconduct claim but was cleared due to a bungled investigation by the Commons watchdog

Grady and the SNP were approached for comment.