JANEY Godley has given an update on her health in an emotional video post on social media.

The Scottish comedian announced in July that she had been given the all-clear for ovarian cancer but the disease is still terminal.

After a hysterectomy and intense chemotherapy, Godley went on a course of PARP inhibitors to prevent the ovarian cancer coming back but it didn’t work, as she told the Sunday National in March the disease would keep returning “until it kills me”.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Godley said she was due a scan this week when she would find out if the disease had returned during her latest cycle of treatment.

The comic reminded fans she would eventually die from the disease but in the inspiring video, she showed her defiance and determination to keep on living and facing each day as it comes.

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The 62- year-old said: “My cancer number is being watched and I get my scan this week to see if the disease has returned during this cycle of treatment.

“I have to keep reiterating to people that this is terminal cancer, which doesn’t mean I’m going to die tomorrow, it means I won’t ever get the all clear from this and it’s always going to be a worry living from three month scan to three month scan, but that’s the way I’m going to live.

“It’s frightening, sometimes it’s overwhelming but, as my husband says, ‘not today’.

“I’m not dying today, so we’ll see what the week brings.

“Meanwhile, I’ve just got to keep living. I’d like to thank everybody for their love and support, you have been amazing.”

Godley mentioned at the start of the video that she had seen the preview of a film being made about her.

In a previous post, she said this was being made by Hopscotch Films.

She said: “I was so nervous about seeing it but it’s f****** brilliant. It’s emotional, it’s funny. There’s footage of Ashley [her daughter] as a wee girl in it and footage of me. My god how much black curly hair did I have?!

“I can’t wait for everybody to see it.”