DOUGLAS Ross was left squirming as a BBC reporter asked him if he had an issue with The Krankies given his previous position on a drag queen story time event.

The Scottish Tory leader previously came in for criticism after he said that an event at Elgin Library with teacher and drag artist Miss Lossie Mouth was “totally inappropriate”.

Back in June, he tweeted: “Story time for babies and young kids shouldn’t focus on gender or sexual identity.

“That is common sense and on behalf of constituents who’ve contacted me, I’ve raised this with the council.”

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Asked if he still maintained this position during an interview with BBC Scotland, Ross doubled down.

“I was representing the views of many of my Moray constituents who did feel it was totally inappropriate for this drag queen story hour to be aimed at babies, infants and children as young as five”, he said.

The artist planned on reading books such as And Tango Makes Three, Zee Zee the Zebra and Unicorn NOT Wanted.

Pressed on why this was “inappropriate”, Ross said: “Well I just think that story could be told in a perfectly reasonable way without the individual, the man having to dress up as a woman to speak to children aged five and under.”

Host Gary Robertson then asked the Scottish Tory leader if he had an issue with The Krankies, given this was a “full-grown woman dressed as a schoolboy”.

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Ross (above) was left irritated by the question, replying: “I really think Gary, with all due respect, I don’t think you’re making a fair comparison.”

Pressed on the difference, he continued: “I don’t think many people would make the same comparison with all due respect to drag queen story hour and The Krankies.”

The host refused to back down with Ross eventually saying that he was “not sure” people would share the same view as the BBC presenter.

Ross was then asked if this story was ultimately about “culture wars” with Ross saying it was about his role as an MP.

He said he had a number of calls about the event but “accepted” the backlash he received.

The event was eventually attended by more than 100 people.

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He added that he did not want to see any of the abuse which was then directed at Miss Lossie Mouth but that we couldn’t not have a debate in public because of “the potential reaction of others”.

“I think it’s right that in a democracy we are allowed to share our views. We will not always agree on everything but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t debate it and discuss it in public.”