MORE than 100 people on Saturday attended a drag queen story hour event described as “totally inappropriate” by Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross.

Drag queen Miss Lossie Mouth appeared at the children’s story hour event organised by Moray Council at Elgin Library in Ross’s Moray constituency.

Miss Lossie Mouth, who is also known as local teacher John Campbell, released a statement via social media on Saturday saying he had received death threats and had been told to commit suicide, after some on social media, including Mr Ross, called the event “inappropriate” for children.

The performer, who is known for wearing a distinctive colourful rainbow foam wig, said he had woken up with “trepidation” and arrived at the library for 8am in case of protesters, but said none turned up.

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The statement continued: “We had over 100 families all wanting to hear about Zee Zee the zebra, And Tango Makes Three and Unicom NOT wanted!

“Disney songs were sung and we danced and laughed and young people asked me about my hair and dress.

“My heart could burst with pride.

“Thank you Elgin.

“The hatred is keyboard warriors, inciting hatred for the sake of it – hidden behind anonymous profiles and believing in conspiracies and inciting hatred through damaging rhetoric.”

Miss Lossie Mouth accused Ross of “feeding into conspiracy theories and moral panic”, adding: “To the haters; you haven’t won.

“To those who attended thank you so much for coming out and supporting something that created so much joy this morning.”

On Tuesday Ross tweeted: “It’s totally inappropriate to hold a show like this for kids under the age of six.

“Story time for babies and young kids shouldn’t focus on gender or sexual identity.

“That is common sense and on behalf of constituents who’ve contacted me, I’ve raised this with the council.”

SNP councillor Jeremie Fernandes, who represents the Elgin City North ward on Moray Council, tweeted: “Over 100 people turned up at the Drag Story Time with Miss Lossie Mouth.

“The busiest it’s ever been.

“The Moray community responded to Douglas Ross’s bigoted comment with love, empathy, and care for one another.

“But at the end of the day, it’s just kids enjoying stories.”

Earlier this week, the Scottish Greens accused Mr Ross of resorting to a “cynical culture war”.

MSP Maggie Chapman said: “Douglas Ross is showing his true colours.

“He’s cast himself as a pantomime villain with his preposterous and narrow-minded attacks on a simple and innocent community event.

“Why would anyone want to stop children from learning about the joys of reading and books? Or about the diversity of our families and communities?

“Is Douglas Ross desperately scraping the barrel for more cynical culture war nonsense? Oh yes he is.”

Ross told the PA news agency he strongly condemned all threats made towards Miss Lossie Mouth.

He said: “I strongly condemn any and all threats made towards Mr Naples-Campbell.

“When I made my feelings known about this event, I was doing so on behalf of many constituents in Moray who had made their concerns known to me.

“I remain of the opinion that the event was not appropriate for babies and children under six and from the messages I’ve received, this view was shared by many people in my constituency and across Scotland.

“Debate can only be improved on these matters if there is an acceptance of differing views and opinions.”