JOANNA Cherry’s claims of “palpable hostility” from staffers on an Edinburgh Fringe show at which she appeared have been disputed by the event manager.

Cherry had appeared at The Stand’s New Town Theatre in a show which was initially cancelled because some members of staff at the venue felt uncomfortable with her “gender critical” views.

It went ahead, with extra security restrictions in place, after the SNP MP threatened legal action.

After the show on August 10, Cherry hit out at staff. She said that she and some in the audience "could feel and hear the palpable hostility from some Stand staff".

She wrote on X/Twitter: “Who would believe that a smoke machine was activated, a ‘trans rights’ slogan projected, and the stage lit in trans colours (pale blue and pink) all due to technical hitches?

“I certainly don’t.”

She added: “It’s a shame that some of the Stand staff saw fit to continue the unlawful harassment of me on account of my sexuality and beliefs despite their [employers’] change of heart and apology when I took legal action when they cancelled me.”

But Jim Monaghan, who was managing the In Conversation with… Joanna Cherry event for Fair Pley productions, questioned the SNP MP’s comments.

Responding to The National quoting Cherry on social media, Monaghan alleged that members of staff had faced more hostility and abuse from members of the audience than vice versa.

He also said that the blue and pink colour of the lights was standard for every show, and insisted the smoke machine error had been an accident that was not a one-off.

The event manager wrote: “As the manager of this event and one of only four people she dealt with on the day (only two of them staff of the Stand) I am very surprised at this. It was not raised at the event and cannot imagine what she is talking about.

“The stage light colours are the same every day for this show, the smoke machine blip was something that has happened before and was a complete accident. I was with her from the end of the show until she left the venue, neither of us saw or were aware of the projection.

“A very small minority of the audience were openly and vocally hostile and aggressive to the staff who worked on the day (staff, it should be noted, who did not boycott or refuse to work the event) and I thought they showed remarkable professionalism in those circumstances.”

Monaghan noted elsewhere that Cherry had received a standing ovation, adding: “Given the heightened atmosphere before the event in recent weeks I think it is understandable that Joanna interpreted events in this way.”

He also added that claims of staff booing or being noisy during the event with Cherry were "untrue".

Fair Pley productions, the firm for which Monaghan was working as event manager, organised the In Conversation With ... shows at the Fringe. The Stand's New Town Theatre was the venue used.