SNP MP Joanna Cherry has said she felt “palpable hostility” from staff working during her Fringe event at The Stand.

The MP for Edinburgh South West had her event initially cancelled because some members of staff at the venue felt uncomfortable with her “gender critical” views.

Cherry claimed there were threats to her personal safety as a result of the event and heightened security measures were in place at the venue as a result.

In a thread on Twitter, Cherry said: “Who would believe that a smoke machine was activated, a ‘trans rights’ slogan projected, and the stage lit in trans colours (pale blue and pink) all due to technical hitches? I certainly don’t.

“I hope the Stand staff who were present listened to my actual views which are in the mainstream rather than the social media bubble, accord with the majority of people in Scotland, and I hope are always expressed in a measured way.

“It’s a shame that some of the Stand staff saw fit to continue the unlawful harassment of me on account of my sexuality & beliefs despite their employees change of heart & apology when I took legal action when they cancelled me. Security staff were lovely.

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“Both I & members of the audience could feel & hear the palpable hostility from some Stand staff. However we’ve been facing down misogyny & lesbophobia for all our adult lives & will continue to do so.

“The Stand should learn and reflect imho (in my humble opinion).”

The National has approached The Stand for comment.

During her interview at the event, the MP revealed how she threatened to take legal action against the SNP after some of her Westminster colleagues attempted to stop her from speaking at a conference of the LGB Alliance.

She said that if they had prevented her from speaking she would’ve said to the party “see you in court”.