THERE are calls for the SNP to put Yes on the ballot paper at next year’s General Election.

Policy convener Toni Giugliano has called on leaders within the party to use the slogan “Yes to Independence” as a way of making it “clear beyond doubt” that a vote for the SNP is a vote for Scotland leaving the UK.

Giugliano told The Sunday National that he feels putting Yes on the ballot paper could galvanise support across the wider independence movement – even among those who are not necessarily SNP supporters.

He said: “Humza Yousaf couldn’t have been clearer at the convention in Dundee that next year’s election will be fought on independence.

“His announcements – a Westminster Withdrawal Agreement; a draft interim constitution; and enhanced European and international engagement make that commitment unequivocal.

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“I also welcome Humza’s ‘page one line one’ proposal which places independence at the forefront of the SNP’s election manifesto – it must paint a choice of two futures, with each area of policy illustrating the damage of Westminster rule, juxtaposed with the tangible opportunities of independence.

“But we can go further. We must make it clear beyond doubt that we’re asking the Scottish electorate to vote for Scotland to become an independent country – and for the UK Government to give democratic effect to that expression of will. The messages that we deploy, including those on the ballot paper, will help to galvanise our support.”

There is precedent for the SNP placing slogans on the ballot paper, with the phrase “Alex Salmond for First Minister" appearing on the list vote ballot during the 2011 Holyrood elections.

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