THE SNP are being urged to use the slogan “Yes to Independence” on ballot papers for next year’s General Election in a bid to reach out to the wider Yes movement.

SNP policy convener Toni Giugliano has written to the party leadership suggesting the words are added to make it “clear beyond doubt” backing the SNP will be a vote for Scotland to leave the UK.

The call comes after First Minister Humza Yousaf outlined plans to use the next UK election as a mandate to push for independence, if his party wins the most seats in Scotland.

Giugliano said: “Humza Yousaf couldn’t have been clearer at the convention in Dundee that next year’s election will be fought on independence.

“His announcements – a Westminster Withdrawal Agreement; a draft interim constitution; and enhanced European and international engagement make that commitment unequivocal.

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“I also welcome Humza’s ‘page one line one’ proposal which places independence at the forefront of the SNP’s election manifesto – it must paint a choice of two futures, with each area of policy illustrating the damage of Westminster rule, juxtaposed with the tangible opportunities of independence.

“But we can go further. We must make it clear beyond doubt that we’re asking the Scottish electorate to vote for Scotland to become an independent country – and for the UK Government to give democratic effect to that expression of will. The messages that we deploy, including those on the ballot paper, will help to galvanise our support.

The National: Toni Giugliano photographed by Colin Mearns at an All Under One Banner rally

“That’s why I’m asking the party leadership and the NEC to consider adding the words “Yes to Independence” to the ballot papers.”

The party has used slogans on ballot papers before – including the 2011 Holyrood election when “Alex Salmond for First Minister” was on the list vote ballot. Opposition parties attacked the move, with then Tory Prime Minister David Cameron accusing Salmond of treating it like a presidential election, dubbing him “El Presidente Salmondo”.

Giugliano said: “There’s precedent for this – in 2011 the SNP adapted its party name for the regional list and successfully secured a majority.

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“Given the UK Government’s voter suppression tactics we need to redouble our efforts to ensure that supporters of Scottish independence are mobilised. They need to know that this election is not business as usual and that every vote will count.”

He also argued using the word “Yes” on the ballot papers would reach out to those voters across the independence movement who are not necessarily SNP supporters.

“It will allow us to build a General Election campaign with greater involvement from Yes groups and non-party aligned organisations who are already doing a power of work on the ground,” he said. “A big tent approach will be necessary to win the General Election and take Scotland to independence.

“Let’s give our activists the motivation to campaign harder than ever before, galvanise our supporters and provide the utmost clarity about what’s at stake in this independence election.

“We either accept a future of decline and inequality in Brexit Britain or grasp the opportunity of economic and social transformation with independence in Europe.”