The National:

BBC Scotland covers the whole country, from Dumfries in the south to Lerwick in the north, Aberdeen in the east to Lerwick in the west.

Wait, is that right?

According to Reporting Scotland’s weather reporters, yes.

The embarrassing blunder came on Wednesday afternoon, when the BBC Scotland news broadcast got to its weather segment.

As host Judith Ralston warned of a “yellow thunderstorm warning valid for eastern Scotland”, eagle-eyed viewers will have noted that Lerwick seemed to have jumped to the Western Isles.

Poor old Stornoway had vanished from the map.

Confusingly, Lerwick was still correctly labelled up in Shetland.

Ralston continued on with her report, covering Thursday and Friday’s forecast without anyone at the BBC seeming to notice the problem.

It continued to fly under the weather radar after the Reporting Scotland programme wrapped up as well, being tweeted out on the BBC Scotland Weather account.

At least the BBC's weather team only made the one mistake this time – even if it was a long one.

Back in February, the broadcaster managed to misspell three out of four Scottish place names.

Stornaway (is that right?) was once again in the firing line.

We have asked the BBC for comment.