KING Charles has been accused of holding a “politically insensitive publicity stunt” as he prepares for a "Scottish coronation" this week.

The monarch will be in Edinburgh on Wednesday to be “presented with the Honours of Scotland at a National Service of Thanksgiving at St Giles’ Cathedral following processions on the Royal Mile”, according to the Scottish Government.

Scottish campaign group Our Republic and Republic UK are teaming up to stage two protests against the royal event.

The “constitutionally irrelevant” event has now also been slated by Labour for a Republic.

Ken Ritchie, secretary of the Scottish-based group, said the people of Scotland were not consulted about the ceremony and the country has “no reason” to thank him.

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He said: “Charles became king the moment his mother died. The only purpose of the coronation on May 6 was to slow the ebbing of support for the monarchy, and now millions more are being spent on a publicity stunt in Scotland.

“Scotland is not presenting Charles with its honours – he is effectively coming to Scotland to claim them.

“And for what are we giving thanks? We may want to thank all our underpaid public servants and those who do voluntary work in their communities, but we have no reason for thanking a hugely wealthy landowner who hasn’t paid inheritance tax, who has failed to rewild his Scottish estates and who has exempted himself for some Scottish laws.”

Labour for a Republic has also attacked the awarding of Scottish titles by the King to members of his family.

He has made his brother Duke of Edinburgh, his son Duke of Rothesay and his wife a member of the Order of the Thistle.

Ritchie added: “These titles should have no place in modern society and, in giving them to people with no meaningful attachment to Scotland, Charles’s insensitivity is staggering.

“Scotland is a proud nation which must be treated with respect. Royal arrogance risks weakening our bonds with other parts of the UK and making us a disunited kingdom.” 

Last week it emerged the King will receive a specially-made ceremonial sword at the event which will cost the taxpayer around £22,000.

The Elizabeth – as the sword is entitled - is to fill the gap left by the Sword of State, otherwise known as the Papal sword, which has not been used at public events in recent years due to its deteriorating condition.

Our Republic said it will hold a rally at the Scottish Parliament from 1pm on July 5.

And Republic UK will hold a protest targeting the route of the procession to St Giles'.