WE’RE Scotland’s only pro-independence daily paper – and in the current landscape we’re more needed than ever.

The Unionist media has been more than happy to use recent challenges in the SNP as a stick to beat the entire independence movement with, arguing that the cause is dead.

It’s clear that support for independence is as strong as ever, continuing to sit at around 50/50, despite declining backing for the SNP in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation and the following police investigation.

But that doesn’t fit the narrative, does it?

At The National, we’re dedicated to showcasing the very best of Scotland. From the policies positively impacting on Scots, to the innovative arts and culture taking places in towns and cities, to the inspiring businesses making waves here, to the incredible energy potential of our air and our seas.

The National: Participants take part in the 'Exit Brexit' march for Scottish independence in Glasgow, Scotland..

We fact-check the ridiculous claims that make it into the rest of the media. We tell the truth about Scotland’s amazing resources. We provide reason after reason to support independence.

We’re also THE platform for the independence movement, featuring voices of all kinds of Yessers.

We just exclusively livestreamed the SNP’s Independence Convention on the same day we joined the All Under One Banner march through Stirling. We are at the centre of the conversation around Scotland’s constitutional future, consistently setting the agenda.

Oh, and our multimedia offering is pretty great too – with our fast-growing Instagram and TikTok platforms constantly taking you behind the scenes in Parliament and in our newsroom. Plus our podcast is so good even Tories admit they listen to it to keep clued in on what’s going on in the world of Yes.

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