The National:

DID they not tell anyone he was coming?

That would be one explanation for the complete absence of any Union flag-waving crowds of royalists during Prince William’s visit to Aberdeen on Tuesday.

The number of journalists was far bigger than the number of people excited to see the noble Duke of Rothesay do some of the royals’ trademark walking about and nodding at stuff.

In fact, two of those leaning on the fence – apparently put there to keep the baying mob away from his highness – seemed to be there by accident more than anything else.

A “heya” and a nod was all William got from one of them.

One woman who seems to have been out walking her dog got a quick video, and that was about it.

Isn’t Aberdeen meant to be one of the more pro-royal areas of Scotland?

William had been visiting as part of a tour he’s put together as part of his bid to end homelessness.

The Tillydrone Community Campus, where he was visiting, has been chosen to benefit from the Homewards project graciously launched by the “Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales”.

Responding to clip of the missing crowds of adoring royalists, Bella Caledonia wrote: “Mass disinterest in Tillydrone as feudal relic masks their uselessness with performative social justice stunt …”

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National columnist Gerry Hassan wrote: “Royal fever not exactly breaking out in Tillydrone, Aberdeen.

“If this was Harry and Meghan the right-wing press would be drooling about this on their front pages.”

“I have no problem with the Prince of Wales taking homelessness as his cause … but either the PR department at the palace didn't get the info out, or the crowd barriers were a teensy bit optimistic …” Peter Arnott added.

Another quipped: “Apathy reigns.”

Unfortunately not. It’s still the Windsors.