A protest is being planned against an Orange Order parade in Glasgow.

The march by Bridgeton True Blues LOL 232 is due to be held on Friday evening in the east end of the city.

A group, which has previously protested against marches passing Catholic churches, is organising against the march.

The procession is on several streets in Bridgeton, Dennistoun and Calton including Bridgeton Cross, London Road, Duke Street and Abercromby Street, where St Mary of the Assumption Church is.

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The National:

The parade is expected to have 60 people taking part. The group said both it and parishioners had requested it be re-routed from the church – but the council and police decided to allow it to proceed.

The council said the request has been discussed with police and there are no grounds to re-route the march.

On social media, Call it Out stated: “An anti-Catholic procession is due to take place past St Mary of the Assumption church in Abercromby street on Friday 30/6/23.

“Glasgow City Council having consulted Police Scotland see no reason to re-route it despite the request of the parishioners and us. Therefore, we must respond.

We will assemble at 6.15 in front of the Church. We call on all progressive people to join us to stand in solidarity with the Catholic population of the parish and all Catholics in Scotland who are so regularly and egregiously subjected to state-facilitated organised hatred.”

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A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council, said: “Issues raised in two objections have been discussed with Police Scotland.

“Based on these discussions, council officers do not consider there is sufficient evidence for an order to be made imposing conditions on the procession.

“Each procession must be considered on its own merits. The law presumes that those wishing to take part in public processions will be able to - and provides only limited circumstances where a local authority can impose conditions on such an event.

“We will continue to monitor the situation, working with colleagues in Police Scotland.”

The following day, the biggest orange parade of the year in Glasgow takes place on routes across the city converging in the city centre and then onto Glasgow Green.

None of the parades, however, pass St Mary’s of the Assumption church.

The Archdiocese of Glasgow said it was not aware of the requests by parishioners of St Mary's of the Assumption.