This weekend is monumental for independence.

The Yes movement lost a titan of the cause this week. Winne Ewing was already in the history books within her lifetime. Her impact on Yes, Scotland, politics and women interested in a political career will never be considered a footnote.

Now, the SNP are set to gather in Dundee for the delayed Independence Convention. Winnie's incredible achievements will no doubt be on the minds of those in attendance.

No matter the outcome of this convention, whether you agree or disagree as a SNP member or not, it's an important moment to see a full day dedicated to independence. A major source of contention in recent years has been the lack of time the party has dedicated to discussing indy during its conferences.

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Our editor Laura Webster, senior political reporter Judith Duffy and reporters Abbi Garton-Crosbie and Laura Pollock will be attending the convention. They will be analysing the panel conversations, speaking to representatives attending and most importantly, hearing what delegates are thinking.

On Saturday, we will be livestreaming the full day on our YouTube and website. We'll also be bringing you shorter Q&A and clips from the event across our socials. We will be publishing content from representatives and Yes activists, ensuring a wide-ranging conversation, allowing full and transparent conversations.

Meanwhile our reporter Xander Elliards is joining the All Under One Banner march from Stirling Bridge to Bannockburn. He’ll be talking with Yessers along the route, as well as speakers at the rally, to hear from the wider movement.

The National:

In our latest episode of Holyrood Weekly, Stephen Flynn has taken our reporters through the agenda for the convention in Caird Hall and says he is looking forward to hearing the First Minister “setting out his case in terms of what's the best route forward”.

The party’s Westminster group leader told the podcast that Humza Yousaf will “set out his stall” on the route forward, reflected on his first SNP conference, and revealed he is “definitely always sure” where he stands on things such as his position on a de facto referendum ahead of the event.

Flynn said: “I'm excited about it. I went to my first SNP conference, such a long time ago, when I had lots of hair and a young face and I always found it very inspiring to hear from the speakers, to listen and to learn.

“This is obviously not a conference, it's a slightly different thing, it's a convention, and I think it's actually really important that the party comes together.”

“I'm sure members are excited to hear about that as well,” he added.

“I mean, why wouldn't we be? Because we're the party of independence, and we've got the opportunity to spend the weekend talking about independence.

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"It's a good thing and it can never be more important than now, given all the other challenges that we face, most of which are being driven by Westminster.”

The podcast is a great listen, especially on the way to Dundee or if you can’t make it and want to be immersed in the discussion before tuning into our livestream.

The running order is as follows:

10.30am: Welcome to Dundee, Cllr John Alexander
Introduction from Keith Brown MSP, depute leader
10.35am: Speech from Humza Yousaf MSP
11am: Speech from John Swinney MSP
11.15am: Independence Panel: “Why not Scotland?” Chaired by Kate Forbes MSP. Speakers: Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Lesley Riddoch, Paul Kavanagh
12pm: Keith Brown MSP  – The Summer Campaign for Independence  
12.15pm: Lunch break & workshops
1.30pm: Session 1: Vote SNP for Independence – Winning the General Election
Presentation from Stephen Flynn MP, Mhairi Black MP and Stewart Hosie MP: “A Campaign to Win”
Member Contributions
3pm: Session 2: Creating an Independent Scotland
Introduced by Jamie Hepburn MSP, Minister for Independence
Member Contributions
4.30pm: Speech from Mhairi Black MP
5pm: Close

Episode 24 of Holyrood Weekly with Stephen Flynn is available to listen on Spotify, The National’s website, and the Omny streaming platform.