ASH Regan’s "voter empowerment mechanism" is expected to be a “central point of discussion” at this weekend’s SNP independence convention in Dundee, the MSP has said.

A “comprehensive document” has been published on the strategy she introduced during her campaign for party leadership.

The proposal argues that if pro-independence parties, armed with a clear mandate for independence in their manifestos, secure more than 50% of the votes in a Westminster or Holyrood election, this will be interpreted as a clear directive from the Scottish people for independence.

Upon achieving this majority, the Scottish Government would immediately demand that the UK Government open negotiations and appeal to the international community under the UN Charter for recognition and support.

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Previously, Regan has said the plan is “slightly different” to proposals for a de facto referendum and has doubled down on this in the document saying that would not be a “prudent approach”.

The document says: “It puts all the chips on a single event, which can be swayed by transient factors and may not truly reflect the enduring will of the people.

“The VEM empowers the people of Scotland, who are sovereign, to demand independence at any future election by voting for any pro-independence party that clearly indicates they would interpret a ’50% Plus’ electoral outcome as an instruction to both Holyrood and Westminster governments to commence independence negotiations.”

She says the VEM is a “groundbreaking approach” to achieving Scottish independence and places the power of self-determination directly into the hands of Scottish people.

The document also calls for the establishment of an independence convention – involving all the Yes parties – and an independence commission, aimed at unifying the movement and preparing Scotland for a smooth transition.

Regan said: “The time has come for Scotland to move beyond dreaming of independence, and instead establish a credible, tangible, and proactive path forward.

“It’s time to take control of our future and make an independent Scotland a reality for the benefit of current and future generations.”

The convention at Caird Hall on Saturday includes a discussion on General Election strategy in the wake of a Panelbase poll which found the party could face losing more than half their seats at Westminster.

The morning session will focus on the path to independence and will include speakers from the wider independence movement to help bring “the entire movement to work together”, chaired by SNP MSP Kate Forbes.

As well as a speech from Yousaf, party depute leader Keith Brown will talk about the “summer campaign for independence” while former deputy first minister John Swinney will address delegates in the morning.

The focus will then switch to looking at strategy for the General Election, with a presentation from Westminster party leader Stephen Flynn, deputy Mhairi Black, and SNP economy spokesperson Stewart Hosie on a “campaign to win”, followed by discussion with party members.

The National will have a livestream of the event from 10.30am to 5pm and our political reporters will be in attendance bringing you regular updates and behind-the-scenes gossip.