THE SNP Convention on Independence will include a session on General Election strategy in the wake of a poll which found the party could face losing more than half their seats at Westminster.

The one-day event at Caird Hall in Dundee on Saturday will be the first time SNP members have gathered in person since Humza Yousaf became the party’s leader.

The morning session will focus on the path to independence and will include speakers from the wider independence movement to help bring “the entire movement to work together”, chaired by former SNP leadership candidate Kate Forbes.

As well as a speech from Yousaf, party depute leader Keith Brown will talk about the “Summer Campaign for Independence” while former deputy first minister John Swinney will address delegates in the morning.

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The focus will then switch to looking at strategy for the General Election, with a presentation from Westminster party leader Stephen Flynn, deputy Mhairi Black and SNP economy spokesman Stewart Hosie on a “campaign to win”, followed by discussion with party members.

It will take place after a new Panelbase poll at the weekend found Labour is on course to defeat the SNP in Scotland at the next General Election for the first time since 2010, with Yousaf’s party predicted to lost more than half of their 45 seats. It was the first poll to be conducted since former SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was arrested before being released without charge.

The National:

During the SNP leadership campaign, Yousaf said he had some apprehensions about the strategy to use the General Election as a de facto referendum and pledged to listen to the membership. 

Later a session on creating an independent Scotland will be introduced by Minister for Independence Jamie Hepburn, before moving onto contributions from members and the convention will close with a speech from Black.

There has been some criticism from senior SNP sources that the convention will not decide an independence strategy, with plans instead to formalise it at the party’s conference in October.

The event programme said: “This exciting event kick starts a summer programme of independence campaigning activity, including leafleting, canvassing, and regional assemblies; all culminating in our annual conference in October, where delegates will officially decide our independence strategy.

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“Humza will open the conversation at our convention, setting out his view on the way forward for the people of Scotland to express a clear view on how we advance the cause of independence.

“The event is divided into two packed sessions where members’ contributions are at its heart. The first, on the path to independence, will include speakers from the SNP, the wider independence movement, and contributions from the floor. The second will focus on general election strategy.

“Members will also be able to take part in a number of interactive activist workshops.”