BLACK Mirror's Scottish episode drew controversy yesterday as fans north of the Border cringed at some of the stereotypes.

Loch Henry, the second episode of Black Mirror's sixth series, was released on Thursday. 

The episode starred Samuel Blenkin, Monica Dolan and Daniel Portman as Scottish characters in three of the lead roles.

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But fans were quick to notice that of the three, only Portman is Scottish.

Taking to Twitter, Bathgate-born comedian Fern Brady said: "I’m 1 min into the Scottish Black Mirror and already had to pause to cringe at the accents, whyyyyyy can’t we be normal on TV? Whyyyyy can’t we be played by actual Scottish people?"

She also aimed fire at the stereotypes enacted by Scottish characters. She said: "Oh the mum done a racism early on because of course she did because it’s Scotland and we’re all small idiots wringing our hands in our cardigans."

Brady added: "Just so INTERESTING how the English are comfortable writing us as aggressively racist when personally I’d never met so many people who deludedly think Muslims are taking over/there’s too many migrants etc til I lived in the southeast of England. Oh & they voted brexit so… "

However, some viewers could forgive the accents and enjoyED the episode for its story, with a number of fans even praising Loch Henry as the best episode of the season.

Twitter user Bex said: "Loch Henry….. that’s what we’re talking aboooooout. ONE person's accent was a bit ... but we forgive cause the acting was great. Nice."

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Brady did also see the funny side, mocking how Scots typically deal with mental health issues.

Tweeting as she watched the episode, she said: "They’re now openly discussing a middle-aged man’s depression when any Scottish person knows in real life you never ever mention it EVER. SUPPRESS THAT SHIT.

"They’re openly acknowledging the dad’s alcoholism when any Scottish person knows no one is an alcoholic, they simply 'like a drink'."

It comes after Welsh actor Michael Sheen came under fire last week for claiming he finds it "hard to accept" people who aren't Welsh playing Welsh characters - despite having himself played Edinburgh-born former prime minister Tony Blair and a host of English characters.

Twitter user Adam Hayes warned Brady of a potential backlash in the wake of Sheen's comments: "Careful ... Michael Sheen got into trouble for saying something similar about Welsh accents/actors!!! Although, I do wholeheartedly agree with your statement and thread!!"