SUPPORT for independence has risen since the end of March, according to a new poll.

A Savanta poll found that support for Yes rose by one point among decided voters, with 49% saying they would back the Yes campaign compared to 51% who would vote No.

The survey also found that the SNP's lead over Labour dropped from 21 points last year to four points.

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The poll by Savanta for The Scotsman spoke to 1018 people between June 9 and 14 – which covers both before and after the arrest of former first minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Sturgeon was subsequently released without charge pending further investigation as part of the probe into the SNP’s finances.

According to the survey of voting intentions for the next Westminster election, 38% said they would back the SNP, 34% would vote Labour, 17% support the Tories, and 7% would back the Liberal Democrats.

In a poll by the same company last June, the SNP boasted 46% support compared to 25% for Labour.

At Holyrood, with the next election expected in 2026, the SNP remain in first place, gaining increasing support by one point in the constituency vote since March.

However, on the regional list, support for the SNP dropped by five points in the same time frame, with support now at 40% and 28% respectively.

Support for Scottish Labour in constituencies also rose by one point to 33%, but dropped by two points to 28%, matching the SNP, on the regional list.

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The Scottish Tories dropped three points to 16% in the constituency vote and remained at the same level as the previous poll on 18% in the regions.

The LibDems increased support in both votes, rising by one point in constituencies and 4 points in the regional vote, to 8% and 11% respectively.

The Scottish Greens increased support in the regional vote by three points to 13%.

It comes after Labour won the Bellshill by-election in North Lanarkshire, following the resignation of the SNP group leader on the authority.

More to follow...