The National:

THE SNP’s leader in Westminster has said a final farewell to Boris Johnson by posting a funny video of an exchange between the pair in the Commons.

The former PM resigned yesterday – the same day his honours list was published.

As Stephen Flynn quite rightly pointed out, it’s unlikely to lead to the shedding of tears across Scotland.

On Twitter this morning, Flynn posted a video of an exchange between him and Johnson with a simple caption which read: “Goodbye.”

In the video, Flynn asks Johnson: “Can I have confirmation from the prime minister, is he getting rid of the Covid rules simply because he doesn’t understand them?”

Even Johnson seemed unable to contain a smile as he looked for an answer while the rest of the Commons laughed in delight at the SNP MP’s question.

As Johnson was explaining that it was possible to get rid of the rules because of a “deep understanding of the pandemic”, Flynn can be seen laughing, waving and saying “goodbye”.

Many on Twitter enjoyed the video as one commented: “The prophetic wave, it’s too good”.

Others simply commented with several laughing emojis while another said “good riddance” to Johnson.

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“So polite Stephen”, added another with a laughing face while somebody else described the clip as a “classic”.

Johnson has claimed he stepped down as a Tory MP as he was “forced out of Parliament” over partygate.

His resignation has triggered a by-election in the constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.