The National:

THE identity of the person behind a satirical "Secret Tory MP" Twitter account was revealed today as environmental campaigner and personal trainer Henry Morris from Yorkshire.

After the big reveal, the BBC were keen to interview Morris about the long-running parody project.

But after he started calling out the "corrupt and incompetent" Tory government live on air, the broadcaster was pretty quick to get the interview wrapped up.

Asked if he would have done the same thing had he been unhappy with the behaviour of a Labour government, he said: "If Labour, in my opinion, had been behaving as badly as this current Tory regime then yes, absolutley.

"But you'd have to go some to be as corrupt and incompetent as what we are currently witnessing."

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He was then interuppted by the presenter who asked him whether it was ultimately the characters he was interested in as she awkwardly tried to steer the conversation in a different direction. 

As he added that a lot of those Tory characters are "pompous, self-interested and dislikable people", the BBC News theme tune was brought in before the interview was promptly ended.

We personally would've loved to hear more from Morris about the incompetence of the Tory Government, maybe with some popcorn and a bevvy, but the BBC was sadly not interested. Real shame that. Real shame.