ONE of the remarkable things about Scottish politics is the resilience of independence support despite what can only be called an institutional bias in the media against that option.

Out of touch and arrogant Tories like Alister Jack and Stephen Kerr can bray about there being “no backing” for independence, but in fact that backing is plain in every poll since the referendum in 2014.


The difference between the Yes and No vote has often been within the poll’s margin of error.

Indeed it is Yes that is frequently ahead

Yet there is only one newspaper that consistently supports that constitutional option. All the others constantly denigrate the choice, throwing facts and journalistic standards to the winds as they do so.

Broadcasting is equally skewed towards the UK status quo, confirming that the vast majority of the media in Scotland regard their responsibility towards the British state and the British government as the priority rather than their Scottish audience.

Fairness alone would therefore demand that The National's unique but principled stance be supported but in fact the fresh take that comes from seeing the world from a open, generous, inclusive, and refreshing Scottish national perspective is the strongest reason for subscribing.


Britain is a declining state, suffering from the self inflicted wound of Brexit. We should wish our neighbours no harm, but also recognise they must take responsibility for their own future, just as we must be allowed to choose ours.

Scotland is emerging into the world as what it really is - a small, confident, outgoing, modern, achieving European nation which wants to be in full membership of the EU.

It needs to have a media which reflects that truth, rather than constantly trying to undermine it.

The National plays a vital and welcome role in encouraging such a positive and essential world view. It is a significant part of the reason why independence remains so strong and is getting stronger.

Subscriptions underpin the National’s existence and that is why I am proud to have subscribed since day one, and will go on doing so. No matter your independence allegiance, our shared cause needs this paper.

None of this would be possible without you - our readers.

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