The National:

WE all know the Tories are pretty ignorant when it comes to the cost-of-living crisis and showing compassion for how many people are struggling to put food on the table.

But after SNP MP Hannah Bardell pointed out on Twitter the irony of emerging from a Westminster Hall debate on the matter only to find a golden carriage sat outside, Tory MSP Stephen Kerr took things to a new level.

Not only did he describe Bardell’s observation as “nothing”, he then claimed the Scottish Government was spending cash on an independence referendum that NO ONE wants.

I’d like to just point Kerr to a Survation poll earlier this month which stated almost half the population (48%) support Scottish independence, not to mention the estimated 20,000 people who marched through Glasgow in support of leaving the UK. 

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Do they not exist to him?! 

I suppose we should know by now what Kerr is like. He’s come out with some questionable things over time, such as when he bemoaned the “sterile and uninspiring” debate which supposedly fills the Scottish Parliament before we all saw the filibustering the Tories deployed during the gender reform debate.

Oh and who remembers the time he described his leader Douglas Ross as “completely consistent”? The guy who couldn’t stop U-turning over whether or not Boris Johnson should resign? PAH.

It’s safe to say we have another bizarre and inaccurate Kerr comment to add to the growing bank. Whatever next…