HUMZA Yousaf met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and EU ambassador Pedro Serrano in London on Monday. 

The First Minister also met with the Prime Minister who he told to “respect the democratic wishes of Scotland” and grant a Section 30 order for a second independence referendum

In a post on Twitter, Khan said it was “great to welcome” Yousaf to City Hall. 

He added: “At the top of the agenda was tackling the cost of living and how we’re rolling out free school meals for primary school children in Scotland and London.”

The trip marks Yousaf’s first visit to London since winning the SNP leadership election and he pressed the PM on numerous issues including the Foreign Secretary’s demands that Scotland’s diplomatic efforts abroad be carefully observed by UK officials.

In a separate tweet, Yousaf also said he held a meeting with Serrano to discuss the Scottish Government’s “close ties with the EU and our European neighbours based on shared values like democracy, equality and respect for human rights”. 

Writing on his own social media meanwhile, Serrano said he was “honoured” to have met with Yousaf and that they had “discussed topics of common interest, including EU citizens living in Scotland”. 

During his meeting with Sunak, Yousaf also raised Lord Frost’s comments about “reversing” devolution. 

He also said he started his meeting with the PM asking for a “briefing on Sudan”.

“I was grateful for the information provided, and his agreement to keep @scotgov updated on developments. 

“I wish the military and all of those involved in the evacuation well”, Yousaf said on Twitter.

The National:

Elsewhere, speaking to the BBC after the meeting, the First Minister has said that finding auditors to process the SNP’s accounts in time to meet a key deadline at the end of May will be “challenging”.

He said he is “going to work towards meeting the deadline” and that there is the ability to ask for an extension if it is needed but that the party is “not in that space yet”.