HUMZA Yousaf has told Prime Minister to "respect the democratic wishes of Scotland" and grant a Section 30 order for a second independence referendum during his first meeting with the UK leader as First Minister. 

During his first visit to London since winning the SNP leadership election, Yousaf pressed Sunak on numerous issues including the Foreign Secretary's demands that Scotland's diplomatic efforts abroad be carefully observed by UK officials. 

He also raised Lord Frost's recent comments about "reversing" devolution. 

A statement read: “The First Minister and the Prime Minister met this evening.

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"The FM raised the cost-of-living crisis and rising energy bills being suffered by households across Scotland.

“He was pleased that the Prime Minister committed to fairness in how the Scotch whisky industry is treated by the UK Government. He now needs to deliver on that.

“The First Minister raised concerns around UK Government attacks on devolution, including the Foreign Secretary’s clumsy intervention on Scottish Government activity abroad and comments on devolution from Lord Frost.

"He also once again pressed for an exemption from the Internal Market Act for the Deposit Return Scheme to be granted within weeks.

“The FM also made clear that he expects the PM to respect the democratic wishes of Scotland’s Parliament by granting a Section 30 order.”

During his visit to London, the First Minister also met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and EU ambassador to the UK Pedro Serrano.