The National:

DON’T worry folks, the biggest issue on the nation’s mind right now has been duly solved. 

While the rest of us struggle with the cost-of-living crisis, we can at least sleep that little bit sounder knowing that the King and Queen consort have PERSONALLY chosen a recipe for their “Coronation Quiche”. 

The Jouker is just glad it’s been resolved because the tension of knowing what pastry delight is meant to be lining tables up and down the UK was all just getting too much. 

A post on Twitter describes the quiche as “easily adapted to different tastes and preferences”. 

“The Coronation Quiche – featuring spinach, broad beans, cheese and tarragon – encourages you to get involved with the #CoronationBigLunch”, a post on the royal family’s Twitter page said. 

The dish itself seemed to split opinion with one saying they “hated” it and others saying that it looked “delicious”.

One even described it as looking "bland as f**k". 

Someone else meanwhile encouraged the royals to “read the room”. 

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Another added: “There’s a cost of living crisis in the UK, people are choosing between heating or eating and the ‘powers that be’ chose to release a tweet about Coronation Quiche? The optics are questionable to say the least.”

Perhaps unveiling the quiche might prove to be a good thing. Those up and down the country with next to no interest in watching the coronation can add it to the list of things to do to keep themselves occupied.