The National:

THE international guests invited to King Charles’s coronation are a veritable who’s who of foreign dignitaries.

From the crown prince of Japan to the Kings of Spain and Sweden, from US first lady Jill Biden to First Minister Humza Yousaf. Hold on.

Scotland isn’t independent yet, so why would The Times have classified Yousaf as an international guest?

Just think of how angry the Tories get when the First Minister refers to England as a separate country…

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The mistake was spotted by Daily Mirror journalist Kevin Maguire, who wrote on Twitter: “The Times listed Humza Yousaf as an ‘international’ coronation guest alongside various foreign royals and dignitaries.

“I missed Scotland’s independence but the separatist First Minister will be thrilled.”

SNP councillor Julie McKenzie responded: “Thank you @Kevin_Maguire internationalism is part of @theSNP goal. Good to see you on point.”

And Labour MP Angela Eagle simply put a screaming emoji.

While the “international” is absent from the Times’s online version of the story, Yousaf still appears in a similar list of dignitaries and royalty from abroad.

And ignoring the “separatist” jibe, it wasn’t only Yousaf who had cause to question the categorisation.

Also listed under international guests was Ephraim Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth.

Though he was born in South Africa, as spiritual head of the United Synagogue, Mirvis is based in the far-flung foreign city of London...