ALL Under One Banner, the group behind next month’s independence rally, has published an amended list of speakers after it was revealed that Humza Yousaf won’t be attending due to the King’s coronation.

Among those who will speak however are the two MSPs who competed against Yousaf in the SNP leadership race - Kate Forbes and Ash Regan. 

In a post on social media, the group said: "AUOB always aims for as broad a platform as possible from across YES. 

"Several other groups were invited but didn't accept."

The march from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green, starting at 11.30am is expected to be as large as the 2019 Glasgow march which rallied at least 35,000 people.

The group have also announced a stall and leafleting session will take place at Buchanan Street steps on April 29 – the weekend before the march.

Among the other speakers are SNP MP Joanna Cherry and the Alba Party’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

It comes after Yousaf said he would try to attend both the King’s coronation and the rally on the same day “if possible”.

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He previously said that although he was a republican, he felt it was important to represent everybody in Scotland, including those who are supportive of the monarchy and those who are not.

However, a spokesperson for Yousaf has since confirmed he will not attend the rally as he will instead be at the coronation. 

On their social media channel, AUOB thanked the Scottish Independence Foundation for helping to finance the event. 

“Six mass mobilisations taking place across the country to generate movement and fuel the cause”, the group said. 

The full list of speakers is as follows:

  • Allison Graham and Graeme Spence – Vice Ecosse
  • Anne Mullin – NHS for Yes
  • Ash Regan – SNP MSP
  • Craig Murray - independence activist and former ambassador
  • Collette Walker – ISP leader
  • David Henry – Scottish Sovereignty Research Group
  • Hector MacLeod – Alba Party
  • Jim Cassidy – Trade Unionists for Independence
  • Joanna Cherry – SNP MP
  • Kate Forbes – SNP MSP
  • Mohammed Asif - Afghan Human Rights Foundation
  • Robin McAlpine – Common Weal
  • Sean Davis - 
  • Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh – Alba Party
  • Tony Cox – Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network
  • Sara Salyers - Salvo