FMQS HAS once again been suspended by an oil and gas protester – prompting the Scottish Conservative leader to swear in exasperation.

Douglas Ross could be heard exclaiming “fuck’s sake” as the Presiding Officer suspended proceedings.

As FMQs was restarted, Ross apologised for his use of language.

"I have to say, it's getting very tiresome these constant interruptions at First Minister's Questions.

"We are here democratically elected to put questions to the First Minister, and when it gets disrupted like that people watching and people who want to hear the questions and the answers are getting pretty fed up by that childish behaviour."

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Ross argued he had been "on a roll" before being interrupted, having focused on the Deposit Return Scheme plans.

Shortly after he went on: "Can I begin with an apology? It's been brought to my attention that I perhaps used industrial language in response to the protesters who interrupted the session earlier.

"And to you, the Chamber, and everyone listening including my mother probably, I apologise for that."

Christine Grahame asked what Ross had said, but he refused to repeat the phrase.

It comes after SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn was caught on camera saying "what the f*** was that" in response to Keir Starmer's PMQs question to Rishi Sunak on Wednesday.

"We make wee mistakes," he told Times Radio after. "I made a wee mistake with what I said there, but I think I was speaking for the public."

FMQs has been suspended by oil and gas protesters several times in recent months. They are urging the Scottish Government to oppose all new oil and gas exploration in the North Sea, a matter currently reserved to Westminster.

Various protest groups including This is Rigged, Just Stop Oil Scotland and Extinction Rebellion Scotland have been involved in the demonstrations.

On Wednesday, This Is Rigged took responsibility for the protest. A video on Instagram showed three members of the group standing to ask the SNP leadership candidates if they would commit to opposing new oil and gas exploration.