STEPHEN Flynn has spoken out after being caught swearing during PMQs on Wednesday.

The SNP’s Westminster leader was seen mouthing “What the f*** was that” after Keir Starmer made a reference to the 1980s TV show Auf Wiedersehen, Pet during his question to the Prime Minister.

Starmer kicked off PMQs by referencing data showing the average British family will be poorer than the average Polish family by 2030.

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The National: Labour leader Keir Starmer during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, London

“If the Tories limp on in government we’re going to see a generation of young people learning to say ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ in Polish, aren’t we?” said Starmer.

Flynn could clearly be seen mouthing to his SNP frontbench colleagues as Sunak went to respond.

Asked about the incident on Times Radio, Flynn smiled. “I think I maybe spoke for the public at that moment if I’m honest, because I think all of us were thinking ‘what is Keir doing?’

“He has multiple open goals and he is continually missing them. I’m not sure what point he was trying to make, it wasn’t delivered very well.

“And sometimes we’re like everyone else. We make wee mistakes. I made a wee mistake with what I said there, but I think I was speaking for the public,” he said.

Viewers had no trouble lip-reading Flynn's contribution to PMQs.

"I think Stephen Flynn speaks for all of us here. Cringe beyond belief," wrote one Twitter user.