TORY MP Andrew Bowie has been urged to ensure nuclear power is never brought to Scotland and focus on investing in renewable energy after being appointed the UK's first-ever nuclear minister.

The Scottish Government has opposed the creation of new nuclear power stations on the basis they would not immediately solve the cost-of-living crisis facing households in Scotland.

Bowie has now been pressed to urge the UK Government to invest in renewable energy sources in Scotland such as the Acorn carbon capture project which would create hundreds of jobs for his constituents in West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine.

Bowie’s appointment comes just as EDF has confirmed Hinkley Point C will cost up to £33 billion.

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Alan Brown, the SNP’s energy spokesperson, said: “Andrew Bowie must be taking up one of the most pointless ministerial positions in the UK government.

“If the Tories think they will bring down energy bills by building nuclear power stations that won’t be ready for years to come then they are more delusional than we thought.

“Scotland is awash with renewable energy potential and Andrew Bowie should be focusing his efforts there, as it will create jobs for his constituents for decades to come and will ensure we are using Scotland’s energy potential to the fullest.

“Nuclear is also one of the most expensive forms of energy when compared with renewable sources such as wind power.

“His appointment comes just as EDF have confirmed Hinkley Point C will cost up to £33bn. It is ridiculous he will be responsible for imposing another £30bn nuclear station, Sizewell C, on bill payers instead of standing up for the Scottish energy industry.

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“Households across Scotland are desperate for solutions to sky high energy bills now and nuclear power will not provide that answer – indeed, the Government has confirmed it will increase our energy bills.

“Scotland is rich with renewable energy potential and we cannot have our resources squandered once again by successive Westminster governments, that is why the only way we can harness the potential of Scotland’s energy is by becoming an independent country.”

Current UK Government policy is to have four Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage sites in service by the mid-2020s (Track 1) with a further two to be delivered later (Track 2).

The Scottish cluster of projects, including the Acorn site in the north east - an area industry leaders have described as “ideally placed” to become hubs for emissions busting technology - were put on the reserve Track 2 list.