MARTIN Compston has said that Sean Connery once launched a foul-mouthed tirade at a Michelin-starred chef who had cooked for them.

The James Bond actor, who died in 2020, allegedly interrupted the chef who was describing the meal during a posh dinner at Edinburgh Castle by telling him to "get on with the f****** story". 

Line of Duty star Compston, 38, said it was "intimidating" dining with the legendary actor.

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Speaking on his Restless Natives podcast with Gordon Smart and special guest Tony Curran, he said: “I was at a dinner once with him at Edinburgh Castle and it was one of them ones where the chef comes out and describes the meal, and Sean is standing at the front.

“This poor lad is going ‘This is a big honour from me in terms of where I've started’ and you just hear him [Sean] go ‘Ah for f*** just get on with the f****** story son and serve the food’.

“This poor five-star Michelin chef in front of you just crumbling whilst he's going through a menu, with Sean rolling his eyes at you.

“He's an intimidating big guy."