BUZZFEED UK has announced the death of Scottish film icon Sean Connery – almost a year after the beloved actor died.

The Hollywood actor passed away in October 2020 at the age of 90. A statement from the family said the Scot died peacefully in his sleep.

However, Buzzfeed announced the story on their Facebook page on Friday.

“I was so confused by this and had to Google it as I was sure he passed away last year! He did! He only went and died twice! What a pro!" Helen Ingram wrote.

“When they found the body he had to be shaken. But he didn’t stir. That was October last year," another user joked.

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And one Facebook user said that there may be more big news to come from the site: “Buzzfeed will lose their shit when they find out Prince Phillip is dead too.”

Christine Schueler commented: “Twice?!?! Man that's overkill” while another said: “007: You Only Die Twice. Starring Sean Connery.”

The National:

And one person added: “Man, I know my memory has gotten bad but not bad enough to forget this! Ridiculous.”

Mat Williams replied: “This was the first thing I saw this morning and I was convinced I’d woken up back in October 2020.”

The post seemed to genuinely confuse one commenter, who posted a screenshot of a text where she proclaimed her grief at Sean Connery’s passing, only to realise later she had already grieved in 2020 for him.

“How did I miss that Sean Connery died?” she said. “I love Sean Connery.”

She later added: “He died last year?! Wtf. Oh yeah I knew he died. I’m really tired.

"I’ve now mourned twice for this man.”

Buzzfeed has been contacted for comment.