A SCOTTISH golf course owned by Donald Trump’s sons has been accused of issuing misleading information after failing to follow UK company law.

Trump International Golf Club Scotland Ltd, owned by the former US president’s son Donald and Eric, failed to file its annual accounts on time last year – a criminal offence which carries a minimum fine of £150. 

But when Dan Neidle, the founder of think tank Tax Policy Associates, approached them to explain why the firm had failed to file on time – even after they were granted a three-month extension by Companies House – a spokesman said simply that the company had received an extension. Neidle said this statement was misleading. 

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The spokesman did not mention that the company’s extension meant their new deadline was December 31 when pressed by Neidle – despite him asking in the first instance about the missed December deadline. 

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Companies House has confirmed the December deadline is correct. Its website shows the firm as being overdue on filing accounts.

The company said the delay came as a result of changing auditors in the last financial period.

We previously reported it was possible the company had experienced delays in submitting accounts because the firm typically files its accounts on paper – but Neidle said his exchanges with the company showed “that isn’t the case”.

The National:

Companies House was plagued with delays in early January in processing accounts because of the postal strikes at the end of last year.

A Trump International spokesperson said: “Due to a change of auditor for the last financial period, there has been a delay in the audit process.

“Companies House is aware of this and the accounts are expected to be filed by the end of the month.”

A spokesperson for Companies House said: “We don’t comment on individual companies. However, the accounts filing deadlines on the register in respect of this company are up to date.”