A SCOTS comic has rejected an invitation to celebrate Burns Night with the Prime Minister, saying the “billionaire Tory tw**” should pay the nurses instead.

Bruce Fummey, a Perthshire-based comic and speaker known for his videos on Scottish history and culture, spoke out about the invite to No 10 on his Twitter feed.

Sharing a video, he read: “The Prime Minister invites Bruce Fummey to a reception to celebrate Scottish culture at 10 Downing Street on Burns Night, Wednesday 25 January, 2023…

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“I responded by saying: of course he does! Because the Prime Minister invites me to Downing Street at the last moment all the time.

“This morning I received a return email assuring me that this was a genuine invitation … so, here’s my RSVP.

“Pay the nurses you billionaire Tory tw**,” he finished, accompanying his words with a middle finger.

Fummey’s video was praised by his local MP, the SNP’s Pete Wishart. He wrote: “Fantastic Bruce. Wouldn’t expect anything other than that response…”

“Did you think of going just so you could say that in person?” another user added.

Fummey, who has one Scottish and one Ghanaian parent, established his credentials on the Bard with a 2006 show About Tam O’Shanter. 

Closing with a rendition of Rabbie Burns's great narrative poem, the show won glowing reviews and was rebooted in 2011 for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Other shows of his – such as Alba: Scotland the Origins or Macbeth… Without the Shakespeare Bollocks – have also focused on Scottish history and culture.

His Youtube channel which also focuses on the topic, Scotland History Tours, has some 170,000 subscribers.

He was named Scottish Comedian of the Year in 2014.