AN SNP MSP has hit back at a Tory MSP who attempted to shut her down when she made the case for independence in Parliament.

Emma Roddick, who represents the Highlands and Islands region, was shouted down by a rowdy Tory member in Holyrood on Wednesday afternoon when she put forward the argument that independence was the best way of securing better relationships with the EU.

Deputy presiding officer Annabelle Ewing was forced to intervene before minister Neil Gray could give his response to Roddick’s question, telling the Conservative MSP: “The member may regard that as something he may not wish to hear, but as a debating point there is relevance.”

Gray, one of Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson’s deputies, said he agreed with his colleague and added the UK now played a “diminished role” on the world stage because of Brexit.

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Speaking afterwards, Roddick said: “It is reassuring to see the Scottish Government continue to build and maintain relationships with European countries.

“These relationships really matter in the current economic climate and will only become increasingly important as we navigate this cost-of-living crisis. 

“However, the fact remains that the best way to improve relations with EU countries is to be in it as a successful independent country on the world stage. 

“The Tories' attempt to shut down my contribution is a signal of their own party’s failures and the lack of confidence they have in their argument for Scotland’s future. 

“We have seen the effects of a Brexit we didn’t vote for. The UK’s diminished position on the world stage, as a consequence of reckless Tory government decisions, is a far cry from the kind of country we want to be here in Scotland.

“With independence and our readmission into the EU, Scotland will prosper and be respected as an independent global citizen and partner.”

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It came during a tempestuous session of constitution and culture portfolio questions in Holyrood, in which a number of MSPs attempted to make points of order, demanding others retract statements or correct the record and accusing each other of misleading Parliament.

Tory MSP Jamie Greene raised an issue with the chair when Gray appeared to imply he had been briefed on correspondence between him and Historic Environment Scotland before the session began, something one of his Conservative colleagues described as “sinister”.

Holyrood’s other deputy presiding officer, Liam McArthur was forced to intervene later in the session to ask members to stop making points of order because it was eating into debating time.