FIFTEEN rallies are to be held across Scotland on the day of the Supreme Court decision - with the intention to draw the world's eyes to Scotland.

UPDATE: Eight were originally announced with Skye, Inverurie, Greenock, Orkney and Lochgilphead joining, consequently widening availability of events to activists.

Stirling announced a rally on Tuesday morning.

Lesley Riddoch, columnist and broadcaster, and a team of activists have organised majority of the rallies to coincide with the decision announcement on Wednesday, November 23. 

A small steering group, working under the banner Time for Scotland, is organising sound systems, speakers and liaising with Scottish Parliament authorities so everything is "ready to roll" for the verdict day.

Time for Scotland has also put out an email stating: "Text or WhatsApp, or message 3 pals today and tell them where you will be and ask them to chum you.

"Get your blank banner ready raring to go for Wednesday. Win, lose or draw it will be Time for Scotland."

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The main rally is to be held at Holyrood and 12 others will be held Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Selkirk, Orkney, Skye, Inverurie, Greenock, Lochgilphead, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dumfries.

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The public can sign up to get notified of all the event details.

The rally in Edinburgh is understood to be attended by over 5000 people, with pipers being organised to be in attendance also. 

Lindsay McCrea, Yes Edinburgh and Lothian convener, has said that the group is "ready to party". 

He said: "I’m bursting with hope that sense has been seen in the Supreme Court and the expected rally of 5000 plus at Holyrood will be in a relieved celebratory mood. 

"Yes Edinburgh and Lothian are ready to party. Placards and banners are well underway. Bring it on."

The Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) is hoping indy supporters join them on Wednesday to make their voices heard. Alan Petrie, AIM organiser, said: 

"It's fair to say AIM are not known for rallies, but rallies and protests at the right time is a powerful thing that can change the course of history and if there was ever a better time it's this Wednesday evening.

"Come along and make your voice heard."

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The Time for Scotland website also urges activists to get out, make Scotland heard and put the movement on the world stage.

It states: "Yessers must turn out for media who are almost bound to be in Edinburgh and will otherwise do pieces to camera outside an empty forecourt at Holyrood.

"Will a rally outside the Scottish Parliament get TV coverage?

"Well, it did on Brexit Day...when 2-3 thousand folk gathered to demonstrate our opposition to Scotland being hauled out of Europe against the people's will."

Full details for the locations and who to contact is HERE.