MORRISONS has been accused of selling carrots in a “confusing” manner as they labelled a product from England with a Scottish flag.

The bag of carrots is clearly labelled as coming from Shropshire in the West Midlands.

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However, the packaging also shows a Saltire in the middle despite where the product originated from. It also says "Scotland" next to the word "Shropshire", adding to the confusion.

In a post on Twitter, Keep Scotland The Brand, a campaign which supports producers across Scotland, said: “This is really confusing @Morrisons.

“Clear, honest labels give customers confidence. Give our #Farmers and #Growers the recognition and support they deserve. #SupportScottishFarming #keepScotlandtheBrand.”

Founder of Keep Scotland The Brand Ruth Watson told The National: “Whether you’re the farmer in Shropshire or in Scotland, I’m not sure what that label was meant to mean.

“Did it mean the carrots were a combination of produce from Shropshire and Scotland.

“If that was the case, maybe they could have put ‘produce of more than one place’ just to give people confidence in what they’re buying.

“People want to make sure they’re buying local produce to support their local economy or because the food is amazing near them.

“Some people maybe don’t care at all but if you start muddying waters and you don’t know where produce is coming from then sometimes people can end up not trusting food labels.”

Watson added that food safety is of great importance and that trusting labels has to be a priority.

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“From my point of view, it’s fantastic that supermarkets do label where produce comes from.

“The more local it is labelled to, the better that is for the farmer. It’s not about not supporting farmers in Shropshire; it’s making sure that we know where our food is coming from.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “This appears to be an isolated issue that is being investigated with our manufacturing sites.”