THE SNP have launched their pro-independence broadcasting platform after announcing plans for the show at their recent conference.

The pilot episode of Scotland’s Voices Show was released on Thursday afternoon, starring popular comedian Eleanor Morton as the host.

The programme will be available across Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking at the SNP conference in Aberdeen last month, depute leader Keith Brown first floated the proposal for a show from the party.

“We will bring you familiar and new voices to discuss the big issues surrounding the case for independence," he revealed in his speech.

“This new venture will bring to life our vision of a better, fairer, more sustainable Scotland.”

In the first episode Morton is joined by guests including Scotland's first refugee councillor Roza Salih (below), SNP staffer Ruaridh Hanna, historian and citizen rights campaigner Tanja Bueltmann and councillor Alex Kerr.

The National: Holyrood election campaign. Roza Salih. Roza is the SNP No1 candidate for the Glasgow Region list.  ..  Photograph by Colin Mearns.25 March 2021..

The episode concludes with a man-on-the-street style segment where the people of Glasgow are asked for their views on the state of Westminster

Each show will see the team in a different part of Scotland to find out people's opinions on the Union. 

One woman interviewed in the first instalment says Westminster's not working for Scotland. Another says Westminster "should end". 

They give scathing views on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, calling him "far removed", and Brexit too - with one interviewee calling leaving the EU "absolute madness".

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"I'm going to try and watch my language, because I'm not a fan of it at all man," another man told the cameras.

Later, the people of Glasgow are asked directly about Scottish independence.

“Scotland has different needs from what the UK Government is doing on our behalf. It’s not in my name and that’s why I would vote independence," one woman tells the podcast.

A man continued: “Scotland I think is very blessed with so much resources, and I think this is way an opportunity for Scotland to tap and use and maybe mobilise its resources for the betterment of the people. So let’s give Scottish independence a chance.”

“I voted aye the last time and I’ll dae it again," said another woman.