STAFF and young people at a Glasgow youth organisation have made an inspiring video to show getting disappointing exam results does not mean you cannot succeed in life.

As teenagers across the country prepare to receive their National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher results on Tuesday, the team at Castlemilk Youth Complex (CYC) have come together to show there is #NoWrongPath in support of those who may be anxious about opening their envelopes.

Young people, past and present, who have been helped by the organisation alongside staff and friends shared photos of themselves holding up a chart of their life journey after getting results they didn’t want, dropping out of university, or not going into higher education at all.

All of them show getting below-par results doesn’t mean you are destined for a below-par life, with many going on to get qualifications after school and securing the job of their dreams.

Kirsty Chapman, developing youth workforce officer at CYC, said it is important young people know exam results do not define them.

“We work with young people all year round to try and help them find their journey, apply to university or college, and they do feel a lot of pressure,” she said.

“They feel like if they do not get good results it’s the end of the world and we need to change that mindset.

“It really affects young people’s mental health, and I find that’s been the case particularly after Covid.

“We want to show we are still adults and we are still learning.

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“It’s not just about exam results either. Lots of our young people went to uni straight from school during Covid and have ended up dropping out so we’re there to offer that wee bit of support to anyone who is confused about their next step.”

CYC is Scotland’s biggest independent youth organisation and has been running for more than 25 years.

It offers a wide variety of services including a drop-in service for young people where those aged 12 to 18 can socialise and get involved in cooking, drama, sports and speaking about topical issues.

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The video includes people who left school in S5 or S6 before gaining qualifications at college and becoming youth workers, those who went straight into jobs before getting a degree later on, and even those who spent periods unemployed before getting back into work and studying.

Chapman said exam results being the ultimate sign of your ability and potential has been an idea ingrained in young people for decades but stressed this is not true and her team are there for anyone who needs guidance.

She added: “I think it’s a historic issue [worrying about results]. Lots of people feel huge pressure in school to achieve big and that’s usually defined as getting good results, but there is lots more learning outside of academic subjects.

“I don’t think things like school league tables help as they focus a huge amount on results.

“What I would say to all young people getting their results is please don’t worry because there is no wrong path. You can get qualifications later on. Some things might take you longer but you’ll get there in the end as long as you work hard.

“Anyone who is struggling to reach out for help, please don’t suffer in silence.”

SNP MP Stewart McDonald, who represents Castlemilk, said on Twitter: "The team at @YouthComplexCYC have inspired so many young people from Castlemilk over the years. If your exam results aren’t quite what you’d hoped for then they’re a cracking bunch to go to for some advice."

To contact Castlemilk Youth Complex call 0141 630 0000 and you can find out more about services on offer.