The National:

A SCOTTISH football club hit the headlines this weekend after becoming the first in the country to install bilingual signage in both English and Gaelic. Outrageous, we know.

Partick Thistle said the main objective of its Gaelic Initiative was "ultimately to increase the number of Gaelic learners, users and speakers through interacting within not only our own fan base, but also in the local community".

The news has – sadly and predictably – led to much frothing at the mouth from people with Union flags in their Twitter profile.

“Not very welcoming for English fans tbh and possibly illegal?” one social media user wrote, apparently unironically.

“What's next?” another fumed. “Gaelic programmes? Gaelic team talk? Gaelic names on shirts? Get a grip!

“This is a football team in the North of Glasgow. Not the Outer Hebridies! [sic] Next they'll be putting Gaelic on police cars & ambulances! Oh, wait.....!”

Others claimed that the move was “just part of the brainwashing by the SNP” …

One user with the Twitter name "United under the Union" raged: “What is the point in this nonsense, why are all the police signs and ambulance and fire brigade signs and many other things in Scotland in Gaelic, it shows how out of touch the SNP is with reality.”

Another wrote: “All sympathy for your club has evaporated. I will never watch another game at Firhill.”

Seems a great loss for Partick Thistle that.

Other prominent Unionist Twitter trolls also took exception to the news.

“Partick Thistle have added some Gaelic signs for the first time in their history, to keep the Scottish Nationalist's [sic] happy,” one such anonymous rager wrote.

“Perhaps some Elvish next, to satisfy fans of #RingsOfPower?” they added, no doubt hoping for some extra traction by using a popular but unrelated hashtag.

“What about Klingon? Makes as much sense after all”, yet another anonymous but prominent Unionist Twitter troll wrote.

It’s almost as if they don’t want to put their names to their nonsense.