THE next Prime Minister could in part be decided by those without the right to vote in a general election.

The Conservative Party allows non-British citizens to vote in Tory leadership elections, thereby determining whether Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss will be the next Prime Minister. 

Members of Conservatives Abroad, the party’s global network of members and supporters living overseas, can get “all the benefits of party membership including participation in the Conservative Policy Forum, attendance at party conferences and a vote in the election of the party leader,” its website says. 

It adds: “You do not have to be eligible to vote in the UK to join the Conservative Party or Conservatives Abroad.” 

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Neither citizenship nor eligibility are mentioned when it comes to requirements for the membership.

It is £25 to join the group or or £5 for those under the age of 26 with voting rights only allowed after being a party member for three months.

This will mean that only members who joined on or before June 3 2022 will receive a ballot for the upcoming election. 

Currently, just 0.2% of the British Public who are members of the Conservative party can vote for either of the candidates to replace Boris Johnson. 

The next PM will be confirmed on September 5 with Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss set to go head to head over the next couple of months in an attempt to gain votes from the party members.