The National:

IT SEEMS it’s not just Scotland being left baffled by some of prime ministerial candidate Liz Truss’ policies, but those on the other side of the world as well.

The New Zealand based news programme Newshub recently had a segment on the deal struck with the UK which will see kiwi meat imported into Britain without tariffs.

So much for the “vast opportunities” Truss was promising Brexit would bring.

Indeed, those opportunities are so great that even the winning side in this deal seemed to be struggling to grapple with why anybody would put it into place.

The deal will see a quota of tariff-free lamb exported to the UK increase sharply over the next 15 years and then it becomes a “free for all,” as the reporter explained.

Truss struck deals with both New Zealand and Australia when she was appointed trade secretary by Boris Johnson in July 2019 and oversaw them until she was made Foreign Secretary in September 2021.

The reporter continued: “While the deal is expected to boost New Zealand’s GDP by $970 million or around 0.3%, the impact on Britain’s economy is expected to be negligible.”

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And all this, a trade deal organised by a candidate who wrote in their Telegraph column on Tuesday that “I am the only candidate with a clear and credible plan for economic growth”.

You wonder why someone whose running for a position where you’re meant to do your best for the country would brag about a deal set to make those living in it poorer whilst farmers millions of miles away profit.

Then again, a Tory out-of-touch with reality is hardly anything new.