QUESTION Time is being hosted in Newcastle Upon Tyne on Thursday night as Fiona Bruce hosts guests from across the political spectrum and the business sector.

The show will be broadcast at 10.40pm on BBC One and will likely see questions raised on the publication of Nicola Sturgeon’s first independence paper, the resignation of Boris Johnson’s ethics advisor Lord Geidt and the upcoming rail strikes.

Questions surrounding the departure of Lord Geidt will likely be the main discussion point of the programme as it will put Johnson's standards in government back under the spotlight.

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Particular attention may be cast upon Geidt’s resignation letter and the following terse written exchange between him and the Prime Minister.

Reports that Johnson is controversially looking to scrap the role will also likely be central to Thursday’s debate.

The panel is set to include SNP MP Alison Thewliss, the party’s shadow chancellor, who will be expected to defend her party’s plans for an independence referendum in October next year.

She will be joined by other parliamentarians Conservative MP Matt Vickers and Labour MP Thangam Debonnaire, the shadow leader of the House of Commons.

Outwith Westminster, the panel will include political commentator and author Ella Whelan and Richard Walker, the chairman of Iceland Foods.